Known bugs and incomplete features

Description Status Number of reports More info needed?
SendWinM and SendWinMF convert shifted keystrokes to unshifted ones. Unfinished work. Use new SendWinS/SF instead. NA No.
Script loads improperly or crashes when <If> follows <Endif>. Bug. 1 No.
On start up, hotkeys don't work and status monitor doesn't display messages. Bug. 1 Yes.
HotkeyNet sometimes can't connect when one or both machines are running Vista. Bug. 3 Yes.
There's a small memory leak in CommandLine and ThirdPartyCommandLine. Bug. NA No.
HotkeyNet's main screen flickers. Unfinished work. NA No.
Local machine crashes when it sends to a connected machine that has slept and awoken since the connection was established. Bug. 1 No.
SendWinS and SendWinSF convert unshifted keystrokes to shifted ones. Fixed in build 176. NA No.
Key and KeyDown do not send Shift, Alt, and Ctrl properly in background modes. Fixed in build 176. NA No.
ClickMouse doesn't send Button4 and Button5. Fixed in build 144. 1 No.
Sometimes HotkeyNet is unable to target a window. This seems to be a Vista-only problem involving the taskbar. Fixed in build 119. 3 No.
"Show Loaded Hotkeys" doesn't display command definitions. Fixed in build 110. NA No.
HotkeyNet crashes on start up with Vista. Fixed in build 107. 3 No.
Mouse hook doesn't get reinstalled after loading hotkeyfile that contains mouse button in trigger. Fixed in build 101. 1 No.
Hotkeys get triggered when extra modifiers are held down. Fixed in build 106. 1 No.
Ping times increase to more than 100 ms when several movement keys are pressed in quick succession. Fixed in build 100. 1 No.
Mispelled keynames generate repeated error messages . Fixed in build 99. 1 No.
Characters keep running when several movement keys are pressed in quick succession. Fixed in build 98. 3 No.
Label directive doesn't work when window title is enclosed in quotation marks. Fixed in build 94. 1 No.
MouseClick doesn't restore cursor to original location. Fixed in build 92. 1 No.
ThirdPartyCommandLine converts unshifted characters to shifted ones.

Fixed in build 89.

1 No.

Please send bug reports to the email address shown here.

This page was last revised on July 18, 2009