Free download for beta testers

Thank you for participating in the beta test. HotkeyNet requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Download HotkeyNet 210   
TargetWinFromRegisteredMessage can now find hidden windows.

Download HotkeyNet 209   
Two commands have been added:

— TargetWinFromRegisteredMessage.

— SendCopyDataMessage.

Download HotkeyNet 208   

<Key> and SendWinSF now send modifiers to DAOC like they did before build 205.

Download HotkeyNet 207   

This build has bugs

<Text> now sends more than five characters to WoW with SendWinS.

Download HotkeyNet 206   

This build has bugs

Two bugs in the new SendWinS and SendWinSF have been fixed.

— Generic modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, and Shift) now get sent properly by <Key>.

— Extended keys (such as Up and Home) now get sent properly by <Key>.

Download HotkeyNet 205   

This build has bugs

SendWinS and SendWinSF have been rewritten to make them faster and more reliable.

SendWinS no longer uses or requires delays.

On a fast PC, SendWinSF may not require any delays. But if it doesn't work perfectly, go to Send Mode Settings. In the section for Background Focus Delays, raise the "After" number.

Download HotkeyNet 204   

The version number of the 64-bit KillMutex module was updated.

Download HotkeyNet 203   

A bug was fixed that caused spurious error messages while loading scripts.

Download HotkeyNet 202   

An AutoExec feature has been added:

-- The Settings Panel contains a new field, "When script loads...," where you specify the name and arguments of a user-defined command.

-- The specified command executes automatically every time a script loads, provided that the command is found in the script.

-- If you don't want to use this option, leave the field blank on the Settings Panel.

-- "When script unloads..." on the Settings Panel is disabled because this feature isn't implemented yet in this build.

A new command, Override, has been added to the program. It allows you to redefine a hotkey.

Changes were made to parts of the program that deal with arguments of commands. This may have created some bugs. If you see any, please report them and I'll fix them immediately.

Download HotkeyNet 201   

The program now displays error messages if you:

-- use PassThrough as anything other than the first command in a hotkey definition;

-- use Toggle, SendLabel, If, Else, or EndIf in a user-defined command.

(These actions were always errors. The only thing that has changed is that the errors now generate messages so people will know what they did wrong.)

PassThrough is now displayed correctly in loaded hotkeys

Download HotkeyNet 200   

This is HotkeyNet's two hundredth public build.

I'd like to thank the people who made suggestions and submitted bug reports over the last two years. Without you, this program would not exist.

Starting with this build, HotkeyNet no longer calls home for authorization.

Starting with this build, HotkeyNet no longer expires.

Starting with this build, HotkeyNet no longer requires an Internet connection.

There is a new option on the Settings Panel where you can ask HotkeyNet to check whether a newer version is available.

If you ask HotkeyNet to check for a newer version, the rest of the program now starts immediately before the check completes so you don't have to wait for the web server's response.

To the people who helped, thanks again

Download HotkeyNet 199   

A new command, DoToggles, has been added.

Download HotkeyNet 198   

The Help Menu used to contain an item, "Report bug," that directed people to send email. It has been removed. A second item, "Ask question," which opens HotkeyNet's forum in a browser, has been renamed "Ask question or report bug."

This change has been made to discourage people from sending email. This has been done because most people who sent email were abusing this privilege by demanding indivdualized help instead of reporting bugs.

Some people thought they were reporting bugs but in reality most of them were confused about how the program works and only needed user support.

Download HotkeyNet 197   

A message now appears when Panel Drag is on and the user begins dragging a button or panel.

Download HotkeyNet 196   

A new command, SetButtonCommand, has been added.

Download HotkeyNet 195   

Buttons for loading, reloading, and editing scripts have been added to the main window. Menus and settings have changed accordingly.

A bug was fixed that caused "If HotkeysAreOn" to be shown incorrectly when the program displays loaded hotkeys.

Download HotkeyNet 194   

A bug has been fixed that affected the Apps Key.

Download HotkeyNet 193   

A new command, SetPanelPicture, was added.

CreatePictureButton now displays an error message when the picture file can't be opened.

Download HotkeyNet 192   

A new command, SetPanelLayout, was added.

Download HotkeyNet 191   

A bug was fixed in AddButtonToPanel that changed the size of buttons.

Download HotkeyNet 190   

A new feature called "panel dragging" has been added that lets you drag panels when their title bars have been removed. There are two ways to turn the feature on:

-- Select "Start dragging panels" on either the Main Menu or Tray Menu. When you're finished dragging, click the menu item again.

-- A new command, SetPanelDrag, has been added. It lets you make hotkeys that turn panel dragging on, turn it off, or toggle it.

When panel dragging is on, you can drag "naked" buttons as well as panels.

Download HotkeyNet 189   

Buttons can now have pictures on them. The user supplies pictures as GIF files, JPG files, etc. A new command, CreatePictureButton, has been added for this purpose.

A new panel style, Transparent, has been added. It makes a panel's background invisible so only the buttons can be seen and clicked. This style is specified with SetPanelStyle.

A new command, SetWinOpacity, has been added. It makes an entire window (including its contents) partially or completely transparent.

Download HotkeyNet 188   

SetButtonText is working again. (It was accidentally disabled in build 187.)

Download HotkeyNet 187   

You can now create panels. They are special windows that can contain groups of buttons.

You can change a panel's appearance in several ways.

You can do anything to a panel that you can do with windows in general: hide it, minimize it, move it, resize it, set it to be always on top, etc.

The following new commands have been added:

-- CreatePanel makes a window on the screen that can contain buttons.

.-- AddButtonToPanel moves a button onto a panel.

-- SetPanelStyle changes the appearance of a panel.

-- ListButtons displays a list of existing buttons and panels for debugging.

Colored buttons now look sunken when you click them.

Download HotkeyNet 186   

Some changes have been made for Aion players:

-- A new command, SetFramelessWinSizeWithSimulatedMouse, has been added.

.-- SetWinPos and SetWinRect have changed slightly. A new optional argument has been added to them.

Download HotkeyNet 185   

SetButtonType is now called SetButtonStyle.

Download HotkeyNet 184   

A new command, TargetButton, has been added.

Download HotkeyNet 183   

Buttons have changed. There are now two types, system and colored.

A system button is the kind that's used in Windows programs. System buttons are drawn by the operating system.

A colored button is the kind found in the last build. This type is drawn by HotkeyNet.

To make a system button, use the old command CreateButton. This command now takes fewer arguments because there's no way to set a system button's color.

To make a colored button, use the new command CreateColoredButton. This command works exactly like the old CreateButton in the last build.

It's now possible to click on a button with the mouse to trigger a hotkey. A new command, SetButtonHotkey, has been added. It assigns a hotkey to a button.

Both types of buttons can trigger hotkeys when clicked. The only difference between the types is their appearance.

A button's type can be changed with the new command SetButtonType.

SetButtonColor only affects colored buttons, not system buttons.

Buttons no longer appear on the taskbar.

Download HotkeyNet 182   

An attempt has been made to fix a bug that stops scripts from loading properly when buttons exist.

CreateButton has changed in the following ways:

.-- it no longer requires WaitForWin.

-- if text is omitted, the name is no longer used as text.

Some of the additional logging that was added temporarily in build 179 has been removed.

Download HotkeyNet 181   

The following new commands have been added:

-- CreateButton

-- SetButtonColors

-- SetButtonText

The lifetime of each build has been increased to 120 days.