How to solve your own problem

Using HotkeyNet with Age of Conan.

How to solve your own problem

Postby HotkeyNet on Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:42 am

Here's how to solve your problem with HotkeyNet:

1. If the script is long or complicated, make a short version that causes the same problem. The shorter and simpler, the better. You're trying to isolate the problem. You're trying to focus on the cause. You do this by removing everything that isn't part of the problem.

2. Load the script into HotkeyNet. Look for red and blue messages about the load on the main part of HotkeyNet's window.

3. Pick one hotkey that causes the problem. Think about it in terms of "trigger" and "action." Trigger is what you do with your fingers. Action is what HotkeyNet does in response to the trigger. Programmers call these things "input" and "output."

4. Use "Actions: Show hotkey definition" to view your chosen hotkey. HotkeyNet may have rearranged it. Look carefully at what HotkeyNet has done with it.

5. Press the chosen hotkey. HotkeyNet should display a message in the upper left corner of its window on the local PC. This message shows that the hotkey has been triggered. If it doesn't get triggered, then nothing else is going to happen.

6. Read the messages that HotkeyNet displays on the main part of its window when you press the chosen hotkey. If more than one computer is involved, read the messages on all of them.
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