This keyword was added in build 174

Defines a non-standard key.


<DefineKey name VK [extended]>


Name is the name you'll use for the key.

VK is the virtual key code.

Extended is the word "extended." This parameter is optional.


The SteelSeries WoW mouse sends non-standard key codes to the operating system. If you want to use these peculiar key codes in a script, you have to assign a name to them. That's what this keyword is for.

For example, suppose you want to program the SteelSeries mouse to generate "Y" when you press a button, and you want to use that button to trigger a hotkey. Here's what you do.

1. Program the mouse button to generate "Y".

2. Press the mouse button while looking at "Last key press" on HotkeyNet's screen. Note the virtual key code and whether the key is extended.

3. In this example (using "Y") the SteelSeries mouse generates virtual key code 89 extended.

4. In your script, define the key as follows. You need to invent a name for this non-standard key such as "SteelSeriesY."

    <DefineKey SteelSeriesY 89 extended>

5. Now you can use the key like a normal one.

    <Hotkey Shift SteelSeriesY>
        <SendLabel w1>
            <Key Shift Y>

This page was last revised on June 9, 2009