Don't Get Busted

Cars are legal but drunk driving is not. In the same way, this program is legal according to Blizzard's rules but certain kinds of hotkeys are not. It's up to you to use the program wisely just like it's up to you to drive safely.

Here are some guidelines for sticking to the rules.

One <Key> per window

A hotkey should send only one Key command to each window.

One action per window

A hotkey should perform no more than one action per window. One action means "something you can do with a single keypress with the game itself."

In-game macros, not chat-line commands

Some players think the rules forbid hotkeys that send chat-line commands. To be safe, use in-game macros instead and trigger them with the Key command.. Anything you can trigger with a single Key command for each window is legal.

Avoid the Wait function

Some players interpret Blizzard's rules as forbidding the Wait function no matter how it's used. Others say it's illegal only when used to separate two actions. To be safe, you should avoid it in any hotkey that sends commands to WoW.

No predefined X Y coordinates

ClickMouse allows you to make hotkeys that click on predefined X Y coordinates. This violates Blizzard's rules. You should use ClickMouse only in ways that copy the location of the mouse to other windows or PCs.

Technical pauses

HotkeyNet inserts tiny pauses into certain commands for technical reasons. For example, ClickMouse pauses for an instant before and after it clicks to make sure the target window has time to recognize the new cursor position. Normally these pauses are too short to affect game play (a typical length is 16 ms or about half the length of a video frame). However some players believe that any pause by a third-party program, no matter how short, even if it has no effect on game play, is a violation of the rules. If you are concerned about these technical pauses you should avoid the following commands.

SendWinMF: Use SendWinM instead.

SendWinSF: Use SendWinS instead.

ClickMouse: Set ClickMouse Delays to 0 0 (zero zero) on the Settings Panel.

This page was last revised on January 29, 2009